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14-Day Pain Reduction Programme

Not just a "bandaid" — learn proven ways to prevent your injuries from coming back.


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About the Programme

  • Experience less pain and more movement in just 2 weeks
  • Understand why you really got injured, and how to prevent your injuries from recurring
  • Learn lifelong skills that your body will be thankful for decades to come

Discover why common solutions to injury and pain might not work for you

#1 Thing People Try: Rest

Rest is often the first advice given after an injury. But while rest is important, it’s one of the least effective long-term solutions for recovery. It doesn’t address the underlying issues causing the pain.

Better Approach: Our programme focuses on increasing muscle length and decreasing muscle tension through targeted stretching and relaxation techniques, ensuring a more effective recovery.

#2 Thing People Try: One Size Fits All Exercises

Many people resort to generic exercises found online. Worse still, sometimes even physiotherapists and personal trainers recommend these standard routines. But these generic exercises rarely solve the root cause of the pain.

Better Approach: We believe your body deserves more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our tailored rehabilitation plans are designed to address your specific needs, ensuring you get the personalised care that leads to real, lasting improvements.

Step by Step process

Discover the root cause in 1-2 sessions

Receive effective rehabilitation

Learn how to prevent injuries from recurring


"In short, Victor’s work on me has radically changed the way I feel in my body via targeted easy-to-do exercises all from the comfort of my home. I feel much more confident on the tennis court, or even walking around in my day-to-day life"

Mohammed Abdoolcarim Head of Product

"A training program addressing my flexibility, speed and endurance helped me to achieve my personal best of 2h16mins for this Taipei half marathon!"

Koon Yong Tan Sales
Running, Cycling, Weightlifting

"By applying his teachings, I've been able to dance pain-free. Such knowledge is for life, which makes his sessions absolutely value-for-money!"

Vanessa Lim Self Employed
Pole Dancing

"With Victor's dedication to his craft and him putting his client's well-being above anything else, I would encourage anyone to consult him for an undoubtedly life-changing experience!"

Shermann Razal Education Consultant
Football, Weightlifting, Obstacle Course Racing

"Victor has always managed to resolve my issues which hindered my lifting, or niggles which affected even my daily activities."

Lim Tze Wei Weightlifting Coach
Olympic Weightlifting

"I had tremendous improvements ever since visiting Victor, even more so than the other service providers I've been to in the past."

Albert Tan Undergrad Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu

"Victor provides great value by ensuring that I know enough to take care of myself after our session, and goes the extra mile by checking in with me regularly"

Terence Lee Chiropractic Undergrad

Happiness Policy

I want to delight you by serving you in the best way possible! If during our time together we fail to achieve this goal, I will be more than happy to give you your money back.

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